Telecontrol and automation are shares common functionalities yet serve for different purpose. We can provide the RTU based telemetry and remote monitoring solution for the wide range of applications ranging from simple level measurement, transmission network monitoring , web monitoring and industrial cloud services.

We can provide standalone RTU system or combining with PLC control system which enable the control system to be connected with remote / central monitoring station over various industry proven communication such as GSM/GPRS/4G modem, Fiber optic, which enable the 24 hour / continuous monitoring of remote assets and immediate notification of critical alarms.

One of highly accredited benefit of telemetry system is alarm management. It makes it possible for the operator and the key personal to keep track of plant operations with real time warning in case of failures. Alarm transmission sent via SMS, Email notifications or app.

“Remote assistance on demand” benefitting OEM delivering their machines across the world as well as the end user. It helps to remotely supervise and access the machine controllers which reduce the machine breakdowns and failures. Our automation solution to machine builders equipped with gateway for remote commissioning and support services.

We partnered with industry renowned manufacturer and provide the telemetry solutions with the key functions of :

  • Data acquisition from sensors, actuators, analyzers, etc…
  • Alarm management
  • Web based remote monitoring
  • Remote assistance on demand
  • IOT / Cloud Monitoring
  • Geographic monitoring
  • Secure industrial connectivity
  • VPN connectivity with central control and monitoring centers

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