We can provide the secured and reliable SCADA monitoring solution using the latest, industry proven software’s. our engineering activities stand out on the set of standards to provide customer focused monitoring and control system utilizing the powerful, user friendly screens yet with secured access to its operations assisted by robust alarm detection and reporting system.

Threats to information security are the major concern for the critical infrastructure. We can provide the cyber security enabled PLC/SCADA control system meeting the latest industry regulations to protect the critical assets.

SCADA systems are indispensable for any process industry for its safe and continued plant operations. Unavailability of SCADA system for any critical process would result in heavy loss and unsafe plant operations. In order to protect the process and plant against unexpected failure, we can provide the redundant and high available SCADA control system.

Plant performance data plays critical role in analysis and decision making. We can provide the historian station which stores the process data, events, alarm to its data base.

Monitoring and managing the assets in the systemized approach would benefit to improve the productivity and efficiency. We can provide the Asset management system with a centralized tool for securing, managing, tracking and reporting the automation related assets with the functions of source control, reporting, security, damper detection and many more.

Emergency crises and disaster management plant are vital to manage any unprecedented situation. Failure can happen to any system due to natural disaster, Infrastructure issue such as power quality, sudden spike, cyber security and more . we can provide the disaster management system using the most renowned software’s.

Interfacing the SCADA with ERP software in another vital requirements in process industries and we have successfully integrated our automation system with ERP software at various instance

To recap, we can provide the full featured SCADA system assisted with the features as below:

  • Redundant and high available SCADA system
  • Historian server
  • Asset management system
  • Disaster recovery system
  • Cyber security
  • ERP Interface
  • Panel / Door mounted HMI, industrial monitor / PC
  • Standalone, redundant SCADA station
  • Large screen display
  • Andon display for factory floor monitoring
  • Products for high temperature installation
  • HMI / operator control station for hazardous area installation.

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