We maintain the best and latest industrial practice to design the control panels regardless of industry nature and project requirements aiming to saves time during installation and for easy and safe maintenance activities. PLC system is the heart of the process and all its related electronic components are sensitive to the environments. To improve the performance and life of control system components, it must be protected from harsh environment which helps to achieve the safe, reliable and efficient process.

We specialized in delivering the purpose-built control panels as called by the project requirements to meet the environmental conditions its being installed such as:

  • Control panel fitted with cooling solutions suitable for high temperature installation.
  • IP65 rated large scale control panels for outdoor installations.
  • Corrosive painted / coated control panels for installing in harsh, corrosive and marine environment.
  • Specially insulated control panels to avoid thermal transmission.
  • Custom-build Explosion proof control panels for hazardous area installation.
  • Stainless steel enclosure for food and beverage industry.

Control panels are manufactured and tested in our facility with our stringent quality policy and in-house testing procedure which ensure the readiness of fully functional control system to make the client for hassle free factory testing and saves times.


Control rooms are critical element in process industry and the command center furnishing should not inhibit operator comfort to make important decisions. We can provide ergonomically designed and customized control desk, consoles with the accessories of arm, holder for monitor mounting, CPU shelf, back panels according to client requirements.

Our range of quality control desk system are from simple yet customized desk covering the basic needs to superior control desk built on solid, ergonomic, configurable design to last for 24/7 toughest environment manufactured in various range of materials such as steel, Aluminum, MDF, Etc..

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