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Pharmaceutical industry has precise requirements and manufacturing guidelines yet with the stringent quality control and highest standard of safety to safeguard against the errors. To meet the guidelines and statuary regulation all equipment’s used in the manufacturing process must comply with good industrial practice which we always maintain in our automation solutions regardless of industry nature.

Almost every process in the pharma industry automated to ensure the precise operation. This industry feature continues and discrete process control and by reviewing the process control requirements we can engineer the appropriate cost-effective solution by applying the sound engineering practice.

In continuous manufacturing, precise control required on materials flow and heat transfer for the continual extraction of output. The discrete process wide range of ingredients are blended in the temperature controlled and pre-defined sequences which results the final product.

Batching / recipe automation plays major role in pharma industry manufacturing process. Consistent, reliable and yet flexible control system is the key factor for any batch control system. our PLC/SCADA based control system benefits the customer with fast & more precious operation, reduce recipe changeover time, reduce human error, increase productivity and improve product quality and consistency.

EPR integration in pharma industry is the vital requirements to enable the consolidated and integration of manufacturing process, keep track of sensitive operations, quality, formulations and more. We have successfully integrated our PLC control system with client ERP software at various instances.

Notwithstanding the above, pharma industry has many more applications running on the automated PLC system. To conclude, we can provide the tailer-made automation solution for the specific needs of following process.

  • Continuous and discrete systems
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP)
  • Batch controls
  • Clean room facility
  • Recovery plants
  • Plant utilities