Its always be the challenging to design the control panels for hazardous areas as every requirement is unique and require customized design to be the compact sized, operation friendly, cost effective yet complying with all safety measures for the safety of humans and process. We can design and provide the complete solutions for control panels, distribution boxes to use in hazardous and explosive atmospheres by integrating the components from leading manufactures.

We can design, manufacture, supply the control panel for zone 0, zone 1 & zone 2 classifications according to ATEX directive using various range of materials as aluminum, GRP, Stainless steel.

Our solutions based on :

  • Flameproof (Ex d)
  • Increased safety (Ex e)
  • Pressurization and purge system (Ex p)
  • Intrinsically safe (Ex i)
  • Type n (Ex n)

Flameproof (Ex d)

Due to the size restriction, Flameproof (Ex d) control panels are mostly required to be the customized and integrated design. We can provide the purpose-built solution for wide range of applications such as control station, power distribution board, automation control panels, junction box equipped with push buttons, window for analogue & digital displays, pilot lamps, selector switches for installation in hazardous area, manufactured in the material of copper free aluminum or stainless steel.

Increased Safety (Ex e)

Increased safety (Ex e) enclosure suitable for zone 1 & 2 installation and this solution widely used together with flameproof control panels. Terminal boxes, local control stations are some range of products supplied by us.

Pressurization & Purse System (Ex p)

Purge and pressurization (Ex p) solutions are ideal for automation system and to protect any components not rated for hazardous area. It allows to use the standard enclosure in hazardous area and eliminate the heavy and expensive flame proof solutions. We have many successful deliverables of such purge control panels with temperate controlled solutions.

Type n (Ex n)

Type n (Ex n) protection for zone 2 classification where the electrical equipment not capable to ignite the atmosphere during its normal operations. using latest technologies, majority of automation and electrical equipment’s are available with this protection and we have executed Automation, HMI panels for zone 2 together with other explosive protective technique.

Adding feather in our cap, our designed control panels are tested & certified body of ATEX notified body.

Following are our range of products for hazardous area installation :

  • Control panels for PLC automation, motor starters
  • Cooling solutions for automation panels
  • Junction boxes
  • Terminal boxes
  • Local control stations
  • HMI workstation

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